Budget Definitions

Accounting Expenses: Includes money for payment to our accountant who manages our account.

Administrative Expenses: Payments for supplies, copying, printing, etc.

4th Year Class: Payment to the ATSU-KCOM graduating class to assist with graduation picnics, celebration, etc.

2nd Year Class: Payment to ATSU-KCOM second year class for activities

1st Year Class: Payment to ATSU-KCOM class to help start their initial class checking account.

BioMed Class: Payment to the ATSU-BioMed class to help start their checking account

Intramurals: Financial support to help sponsor year round intramural sports, equipment, etc.

Orientation: Funds to support the orientation committee for purchase of materials, food, prizes, etc for the new student ATSU-KCOM and ATSU BioMed orientation.

SGA Conferences: Travel, lodging, and food expense money for the conference the SGA President and others are require to attend.

Osteopathic Pride and Service: Funding for the TOUCH (Translating Osteopathic Unity into Community Health) program, Day of Compassion, Osteopathic Olympics and encouragement to attend DO Day on the Hill, MAOPS meeting etc.

Auction Expenses: Supports the annual auction sponsored by the SGA exec Board to raise money for other SGA activities.

COSGP: Support for the Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents due and membership.

Emergency Grant Endowment: Money donated to a SGA endowment administered by Student Services Office to provide limited financial help to students in need because of a series emergency, life altering experience.

Max Gutensohn Award: Funds support for recognition, food, etc. or a clinical and basic science outstanding professor as chosen by the first and second year classes.

Social Committee: Provides a budget for the committee to sponsor such activities as the Holiday Social, talent shows, recreations events, etc.

Reserach Committee: Provides support to promote student research, poster sessions, Denslow award and recognition of successful research by students.

Assistance Funds: Funds to support compassionate support of students such as flowers for funerals, get well gestures for seriously ill students, recognition of loss by students, faculty or staff, etc.

Student DO of the Year: Recognition certificate and plaque for students who is chosen for this award.

Health and Education Committee: Supports the educational programs, seminars, speakers, honorariums, and activities of this committee.

Proposed Recreation Room: Funds the purchase of equipment, furniture, renovation of potential student recreation space.

Discretionary: Funds established for SGA to use in support of both budgeted and non budgeted items that were not initially recognized as needed.

MAOPS: Provides travel and attendance support for attendance at the Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons meetings and conferences.

OMSKEY: Supports the political awareness and action to provide information to students about political issues from the MAOS, AOA, AMA, AOA, etc. that might impact students, residents, physicians, or healthcare in general.

General Awards: Recognition certificates, plaques, financial awards, gifts, etc. for recognition of student, faculty, or staff achievement.